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GlobeTopper, a leading B2B global digital gift card supplier, today announced a partnership with IDT Corporation (IDT), a global provider of fintech and communications services, to distribute digital gift card solutions provided by GlobeTopper through IDT’s flagship consumer brand, BOSS Revolution, and Zendit, its enterprise prepaid platform.

The partnership enables in-store BOSS Revolution customers to easily select, personalize and send digital gift cards from the GlobeTopper catalog to friends and family. Businesses, entrepreneurs and developers can access, integrate and offer the GlobeTopper portfolio through Zendit, IDT’s prepaid-as-a-service platform. Later this year, IDT will add GlobeTopper offerings to its direct-to-consumer digital platform which includes the BOSS Revolution website and popular BOSS Calling and BOSS Money apps. 

The new partnership brings together two companies with a shared vision of creating seamless and innovative experiences for consumers and businesses alike. GlobeTopper’s cutting-edge digital gift card solution, combined with IDT’s global network and payments expertise, opens avenues for growth and expansion in the digital gifting landscape.

Through their alliance, both companies are addressing the growing demand for efficient, secure, and versatile digital gift card solutions. Business and consumers benefit from a wider selection of digital gift cards, including retail, entertainment, dining, travel, and other offerings. Enterprise customers can customize their selections on the Zendit platform to align with their branding while enhancing customer engagement.

Craig Span, Founder/CEO of GlobeTopper, said, "We are incredibly excited about joining forces with IDT. Our collaboration enables us to combine our expertise in digital gift card solutions with IDT's global capabilities, creating a compelling proposition for consumers and businesses worldwide. Together, are redefining the digital gifting landscape and providing businesses with unmatched opportunities for growth."

Emilio del Rio, President of IDT Digital Payments, expressed his enthusiasm for the new alliance. "Our partnership with GlobeTopper is a significant step in our ongoing effort to expand our portfolio of gift cards available through our omni-channel ecosystem, including those available to enterprise customers through our global Zendit platform."

About GlobeTopper: GlobeTopper is an award-winning prepaid B2B gift card concierge firm that offers an extensive and evolving catalog with brands from across the globe. These products fuel GlobeTopper’s bigger mission of fostering collaborative client relationships that enable us to better understand their unique needs and deliver tailored solutions to support their growth.

About IDT Corporation: IDT Corporation is a global provider of fintech, cloud communications, and traditional communications services.  We make it easy for families to contact and support each other across international borders. We also enable businesses to transact and communicate with their customers with enhanced intelligence and insight.

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